Dear Galina, dear Natalya,

soon Lirika’s first day in the new home is over. I think she has been wonderfully integrated into the new family life. She has already met my girlfriend Ursula and was very admired by her. In the late afternoon we went on a long walk, where Lirika met the dog friends from the neighborhood, a Russian Spitz, a norfolk terrier and a Bichon. The meeting was very peaceful. Lirika goes very well on the leash. Tomorrow, she will spend her first business day in my company. My staff are very happy to welcome Lirika.
I am very sorry that Lirika’s mother mourns so much. I hope it will soon be over.
Yesterday was one of my most memorable days in my life. You contributed to this by allowing Lirika to take over from you. I will never forget the encounter.
If it does not bother you, I will keep you informed about the further development of Lirika.
Thanks very much for the presents. You will get a place of honor.
Many greetings also to the son of Natalya, a very nice guy. What would we have done without him?

Warm greetings from Germany