I have immediately fallen in love with my new home. First and foremost, it is not as cold here as it is in Russia and my paws aren’t freezing as often anymore. The nature also seems to be more colorful and vivid and I love it when the birds chirp in the morning. My mistress’ garden is the place where I play in the morning. The fascinating thing about that garden is that it has been a garden for over 300 years now.  But my siblings and I aren’t just stay-at-home dogs. We are also entrepreneurs, just like our mistress. Throughout the week, we accompany her to her construction company on the countryside. The place also has a spacious garden, which we inspect alongside the company’s gardener in the morning.  The company has a lot of employees who are looking forward to meet us every morning and after we greet them, we start our daily business routine. We accompany our mistress to important meetings, welcome visitors and visit employees. We also get to meet the other dogs who are staying at the company. There’s Joe for example, a dog from Romania, a Border Collie called Lucky, and Timmie. He is a very kind Sheltie whom I like to play with. Our mistress’ assistant tends to be very strict with us at times. When he’s around, we are not to misbehave. But when he’s in a good mood, he takes us out at lunch time. These days at the company can be quite exhausting, so we take a few breaks every now and then. And on those days especially, the thing I look forward to the most is coming home in the evening. After our mistress takes us out we eat and then the coziest part of the day commences when we keep company with our mistress. On weekends, walks and rests vary and we enjoy helping our mistress when she’s working in the garden.  All in all, I would say that I am enjoying my time here. Our mistress cares about us a lot and loves us more than anything else.